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Kiosk Version 4.9 Released

Posted November 5th, 2009 by in Kiosk, Kiosk Updates

This week we released version 4.9 of Kiosk Virtual Stores. As always, updates to all stores are free and automatic.

The new features include:

  • Proofing – we will begin sending proofs and requiring approvals for custom print jobs such as business cards.
  • Imprint options on print and promotional products – to allow for different logo options on identical product, rather than having 1 catalog item for each logo.
  • Additional user level – Administrations can now specify users as ‘User Level 2′ and provide them with access to restricted products in the catalog.
  • Blank Items – Users will soon be able to purchase select items blank, such as scrub pants, work pants, waist aprons, etc. We need to add the items to our database, but the capability is now there.
  • Payment history per invoice for billing admins – Billing admins may now see a per-invoice payment history in the store billing control panel. This data does not exist for all invoices, especially those prior to 2009, so some invoices may be lacking this information.
  • Added a view cart button to print/promo items.
  • Added ability to title the url for a client website to something other than the kiosk store title.
  • Size Guide should no longer appear on stores without apparel.


Fixes/Improvements include:

  • In some cases, carts would not be saved to the user upon login, thus being lost when the user returned. This has been fixed.
  • Product Sales Counts (admin feature) – in a few cases, counts were including demo orders. This has been fixed.
  • Internal code changes/corrections as part of an ongoing effort to the kiosk user experience.