Go Green When You Print

Posted June 28th, 2010 by in News

Environmental concern and impact on business is on the forefront of many business owners’ minds. When it comes to implementing “green” practices in an organization, one of the easiest ways to get started is by using eco-friendly printing options for everyday business needs.

Eco-friendly printing involves the use of alternative inks, including soy-based inks in lieu of petroleum-based inks, and replacing traditional chlorine-bleached paper with recycled paper. Many recycled papers are now available in similar varieties to their chlorine-bleached counterpart.

Printing on recycled paper and using alternative inks reduces the overall impact on the environment. It reduces the impact on our nation’s forestry resources, and reduces air and water pollution.  According to the United Nations, industrialized nations, including the U.S., make up roughly 20 percent of the world’s population, yet we consume 87 percent of the world’s printing and writing papers.

Moving your business in a “greener” printing direction doesn’t have to be expensive. Many business owners avoid eco-friendly printing options because they think it can be more expensive than traditional print methods. Depending on a variety of factors, like the type of print project and quantity, it can be cheaper in some instances.

When looking for ways to “green” your next print job, consider the following:

1) Paper: Ask about post-consumer recycled paper or tree-free alternatives. Look for bleach-free or chlorine-free paper.
2) Inks: Ask about soy-based inks or vegetable inks. These are easier to remove when recycling paper. They also use less energy to produce.
3) Design: Maximize the use of space on your print job design. You don’t want it to be cluttered, but you also want to get the most information on the least amount of paper and ink as possible.

To learn more about eco-friendly print practices, contact The Cerium Group.

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