Advantages of Using a Print Broker

Posted July 8th, 2010 by in News

In addition to the promotional products we sell, printing is another segment of our business that many of our customers can benefit in more ways than one. As a print broker, The Cerium Group offers a variety of print materials for all of your business needs, that sometimes, other printing companies can’t offer.

The printing industry has changed over the last decade. There is more of a presence with larger printing companies that are well-capitalized and have good equipment, and can produce high-volume print jobs. It’s a benefit for the consumer because now you have more options, more competition which makes price more competitive and as a result, over time because of this phenomenon, print jobs have reduced significantly in cost.

As a print broker, we have increased access to the best pricing for printed items. When using a traditional printer, sometimes they can’t offer specific products or services, or they have to outsource them which increases the cost for you, the customer. The Cerium Group can get you the best price on envelopes with one company, but that company might not have the best pricing in business cards. We will look to find another company that offers the best pricing for business cards. Our ability to use multiple printers saves you money because we do the comparison shopping. Our overhead is low, so we keep staffing costs down, which helps make prices lower. With a broker, we also cut out the work for businesses by eliminating the need to request dozens of price quotes for an item that needs printed. At the click of a button or through a simple phone call, we take care of this for you. As the customer, you save time and money because we will work to make sure you get the best price with the least amount of hassle.

When using a broker the turnaround time, or the time in which is needed to produce a printed item from start to finish, isn’t that of a “quick print” place.  Normally, there needs to be some lead time to plan, especially when a printed proof, or example of the printed copy, needs approved. Planning for lead time is important when using a broker. However, some print jobs can be rushed, but that can drive up the cost for the customer. By giving the broker lead time, you help keep your costs down. As with most printers or brokers, if you want paper samples, specific inks or other specified items and want samples, there can be a time constraint as well.

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