Once Upon a Time… A Promotional Products Tale – Buck Wade

Posted July 27th, 2010 by in News

About ten years ago, one of my clients received a call from an upset customer complaining the lid on his branded tumbler leaked coffee onto his tie. Then, I received a call from the client that distributed the tumbler demanding I get him replacement lids.

I immediately arranged to get him lids. A week later, when I stopped in to ensure I still had a customer, he asked if I had any new ideas for promotional products.

The first item I recommended was the travel tumbler. He thought I was joking, but I wasn’t!

I explained he had made a great promotional item choice for his clients – the $1.98 he spent on that tumbler had bought him an entire year of exposure to that customer. In addition, his customer cared so much to continue using the tumbler that he requested a new tumbler or lid (which he got, by the way).

That tumbler accomplished its mission. Can you name another advertising vehicle from which you can get that kind of exposure, for that long, for $1.98?

In case you’re wondering, my client didn’t buy more tumblers, but he did select two different items to give to customers and planned on using the
 tumbler again at a later time.

We counsel our clients on promotional product selection and our recommendations are not often unusual or unique. Our goal is to help you get your name in front of existing or prospective customers by using common sense to select items. You want your clients and prospects to use what you give them regularly. If they use your item up, break it, or wear it out- pat yourself on the back — YOU WIN.

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