Giving new light to your image without altering your brand

Posted November 2nd, 2015 by in Marketing, Uncategorized

When you think about your brand, usually the first thing that comes to mind is logo’s, colors, employees and maybe even fonts. In reality your brand is it’s own personality. It’s all those elements and then some, all working together, defining who you are as a company. Occasionally we need to rejuvenate those elements, giving your brand a “face lift” so to speak. It’s a must in order to remain competitive in today’s market. Everyone want’s “the newest of new” on the market. So how do you achieve this face lift without changing the face?

When people think of a face lift for their business they automatically assume they need to “Re-Brand”, when in fact you might just need to do is re-evaluate those key pieces that make up your brand. Take inventory on the small things that have assisted in building your company. Things such as images on your website, the color’s of your logo, or even what promotional products you have stocked piled in your storage room. Are these items outdated, over used, or promoting the wrong image you and your company wish to portray? Some things you think are really effective marketing tools may actually be hindering growth.

What I recommend doing is making subtle changes, either brighten the colors of your logo a bit, update the outdated brochure, or maybe even change the corners of your business cards from square to round. It may not seem like a huge difference but sometimes just the subtle changes can have a huge impact. Think about all the things about your brand that do work, and incorporate them into your new look. If you have a large customer base, that should also be a consideration as well, so they don’t “lose you” in the process. Like any relationship between two people, a customer getting to know the brand is what drives a long-term relationship. A brand’s visual identity is a means to attract attention and quickly convey a brand’s personality as well as connect the market to advertising messages and remind current customers of previous experiences with the brand, so looks are important. A new look does not create a new brand, but it could attract a new consumer, increase company morale, and ultimately increase revenue.

Now with that in mind you need to get creative with how to launch your new found image. If you decided to make subtle changes you may not need to do an actual launch. However if you decided to do a color change or any changes to your logo you may need to “re-launch”, just to get people noticing and more involved with the changes. Discounting prices or special offers are just a few ways you can ease into your new look. If it’s cost you are worried about think about this: “A change in your company’s appearance could yield benefits well beyond the cost of the change.”

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