Cerium Group Launches Promotional Products Kiosk

Posted October 30th, 2009 by in Kiosk

Today The Cerium Group launches a promotional products kiosk for Communicare Health Services, to allow the owners/managers, a user friendly way to purchase CHS products.

CommuniCare Health Services owns/manages numerous specialty care facilities, rehabilitation centers and assisted living communities throughout Ohio, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Since 1984, CommuniCare Health Services has provided superior, comprehensive management services for the development and management of adult living communities. Learn more about the CommuniCare Health Services Family at:  http://www.communicarehealth.com/index.htm

The Cerium Group, LLC has activated an on line store to manage promotional products for
all CHS facilities.

1) The CommuniCare on line store provides centralized management of-
• identity in use
• budgets / expenditures by locations or individuals
• promotional items in use by each location
• ideas / concepts for marketing and HR managers
• rapid order placement

2) Benefits of this system are-
• consistency of identity by the entire organization
• precise expenditure control
• On Demand reports by location or individual
• more effective flow of ideas / information between marketing and HR people
• significant time efficiencies

Visit the CommuniCare stores at: http://communicaregear.com/

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