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Posted January 27th, 2010 by in Marketing

I am often asked, because I have gotten to a little over 1200 followers on Twitter (@ceriumgroup if interested), how we use Twitter…and social media in general.

First, I have to give credit to David Zak, Vice President of Economic Development at the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce, for much of what drives our philosophy on using social media for our business.  He has been and remains a bit of a pioneer in our community on using these types of communication mediums.

We seek to accomplish a few primary things through social media:

1.  Be generous – promote things our customers want people to be aware of or significant development or happenings with them.

2.  Deliver value – provide useful content about the use of promotional products, printing and apparel or marketing in general.

3.  Keep people up to date – distribute the blog or links to our Elements email about new developments, Kiosk updates, award nominations, staff happenings or anything else happening at Cerium.

4.  Get personal – mix in who we are as people to allow you to get to know us on a deeper level.

Using these 4 main objectives, we have developed an editorial calendar that dictates we will distribute “Elements from The Cerium Group” monthly to deliver offers to our customers as well as a weekly blog entry and ongoing updates based on what’s going on to our accounts on Twitter, Facebook etc.

Our market is changing, getting younger every day and it will continue to change from here to eternity.  Most folks are transitioning from getting their news, content on topics that interest them etc. from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and the like.  As a result of this, when you develop content, you need to distribute it into those places because there are groups of people that prefer one over the other.  You need to be sure you have the content where people are looking.

While our plan on the use of these communication platforms will continue to evolve, it will always be derived out of our foundational desire to deliver value to our customers.

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