Taking The Weight Off of Your Shoulders: A User-Friendly Guide to Paper Weights

Posted June 22nd, 2010 by in News

Paper weights tend to be a confusing topic for people who are not in the printing business. Paper weight is not how much the piece of paper actually weighs, but rather the thickness or sturdiness of the paper. The weight is measured in U.S. pounds, often abbreviates as lb. or lbs. 500 sheets of a given type of paper determines the number in weight.  The basic size of the paper determines its category type.

The different types are classified in multiple ways:

  • Bond paper = 20 lb.  bond (ex. office copy paper)
  • Translucent bond paper = 29 lb. bond (ex. basic envelopes)
  • Writing paper = 24 lb. bond (ex. stationery)
  • Text paper = 50 -120 lb. text (ex. brochure or flyer)
  • Cover paper = 50 – 130 lb. cover (ex. business or greeting card)

When choosing the weight of paper necessary for a specific product, the amount of ink that will be used is something to keep in mind. The paper weight has virtually little to no effect on the quality of the image, but a project with a heavier amount of ink would require a heavier type of paper. Different projects require different weights. It’s best to consult with a professional, like a Cerium Group staff member, to see what would be the most economical, efficient and quality paper solution dependent upon your needs.

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